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Luxury Pools Spring / Summer 2015

Luxury Pools is for affluent homeowners ready to build the outdoor space that is limitless only to their imagination. Custom pool construction and design, spa, swim spa, outdoor kitchens grills, landscape lighting, and luxury outdoor lifestyle.

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34 S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 LUXURYPOOLS.COM builder. Of course, you must be proactive and check the companies' work reputa- tions, but this is good place to start. "A pool builder that is also a licensed general contractor can obtain the proper building permits to construct not only swimming pools but full pool houses and pavilions as well. The pool builder as a general contractor can bring the full vision of the backyard together," says Ron Coker, Jr., president and CEO of Artistic Pools in Atlanta, Georgia. GUEST OR POOL HOUSE—OR BOTH? Do out-of-town friends and family desig- nate your home as their base of opera- tions when visiting the area? If so, don't set them up in a guest room when you can give them all the privacy and cozi- ness of home in their own little house by the pool. By incorporating personal space for guests during the planning stage of your pool house, you can create a haven that has all the amenities needed for comfort and convenience. Plus, when the house is being used as a pool house, the extra bathroom and kitchenette will come in handy, especially during large outdoor functions. THE MUST-HAVE AMENITIES Speaking of kitchenettes, you should think about including at least a refrigerator and sink in your pool house. Both will be welcome additions during poolside events, even when there is a party of only one! But if you really want to elevate your pool house to a state of luxuriousness, put in a full kitchen with professional-quality appli- ances. And don't forget about the outside— a high-end grill with all of the bells and whistles will make your parties (and your menu) more tantalizing. Is there a better aroma than a grill full of your favorites? If you plan to double your pool house as a guest house, plan the living space so that it features all of the amenities of home. Think about separate areas for sleeping, dining, and just plain relaxing. Include a television, a sound system, and comfy furniture (and don't forget extra blankets and pillows). Work with your profession- als to make sure the space has a full HVAC system (maybe even consider a gas fire- place for coziness on not-so-warm days). "There are a number of professionals that might be needed to complete a pool house project," says Chafey. "Depending on the scope of the pool house, it might require an electrical engineer, structural engi- neer, mechanical engineer, and interior designer. On the construction side, once design and construction documents are completed, a builder may subcontract the balance of trade professionals to complete the construction." Again, when this area is not being used as a guest house, all of the amenities can used on busy pool days. What a great place to put little ones down for a nap or to send older kids when a break in the action is needed. Speaking of amenities…even if you will not use your pool house as a guest house, think about planning a full bath, with shower, sink, toilet, and other necessities to make bathroom breaks convenient and private. Decorate to match your style, but keep it simple because you will have many people coming and going. Accidents happen and you don't want the family heirloom to become a casualty of the fun and games. Another option that is becoming popu- lar is the addition of a hot tub or custom spa in the pool or spa house. Secluded and full of Zen-like ambiance, a spa house is the perfect accompaniment to the pools- cape—and it is definitely the perfect spot to relax and unwind. No matter what is planned, work with the professionals to ensure all of the legalities are handled. Chafey explains, "Permits and zoning requirements will depend on the local jurisdiction. And inevitably, certain documents and re- quirements will need to be submitted for review and approvals. Our staff manages every aspect of the design and approval process for the client, but in the absence of an in-house design staff, usually the designer or architect will prepare the documents and handle the submittal and review process for the client." F E A T U R E S L u x u r y P o o l s Left, many homeowners choose to have their pool houses perform double duty as a guesthouse. Private but not too far from the action, these spaces offer all of the comforts of home; Right, for the ultimate in tranquility, you could add a spa house. When the heat is high and the kids are having fun, slip away to your own little corner of paradise. photographs left to right, courtesy of Lundburg Builders, Stevensville, MD / Curtis Martin Photography, courtesy of Paragon Pools, Las Vegas;

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