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Luxury Pools Spring / Summer 2015

Luxury Pools is for affluent homeowners ready to build the outdoor space that is limitless only to their imagination. Custom pool construction and design, spa, swim spa, outdoor kitchens grills, landscape lighting, and luxury outdoor lifestyle.

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44 S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 LUXURYPOOLS.COM . selection, surge tank capacity, plumbing configurations, and many others—all with the goal of ensuring efficient, safe, and serviceable hydraulic performance. As an example, those standards include limits for line velocity, i.e. the speed with which water flows through a given sized pipe, a key factor in maximizing energy- efficiency and preventing the risk of suc- tion entrapment. We recommend that the maximum design velocity on the suction side of the pump be limited to 4.5 feet per second, while the maximum velocity on the discharge side of any pump shall be 8 feet per second with a recommended design velocity of 6.5 feet per second. As a homeowner, you can expect qual- ity builders to posses and demonstrate detailed understanding of these types of critical technical issues. If they don't, you should look elsewhere. CODE OF CONDUCT Finally, we'll leave this discussion with another important piece of the expecta- tions puzzle—the pool designer/builder code of conduct. At Genesis, we maintain guidelines cov- ering code compliance, professional com- petency, responsible control of the work, as well as measures for the prevention of fraud, misrepresentation, and adherence to proper professional recognition. From the homeowner's perspective, this means you can expect your designer, builder, ser- vice technician, and pool and spa retailer to conduct themselves in a professional, transparent, and truthful manner. It's important to keep in mind that the process of building a backyard pool, but surrounding landscape elements can be an extremely intrusive and at times, seemingly chaotic process. Professional firms will communicate in specific terms the antici- pated overall time frames, construction schedules, and will keep you apprised of changes or problems that might arise along the way. They will respond promptly to your questions and concerns, and work to minimize the inconvenience and disruption associated with the construction process. As you move through the important process of selecting the professionals you will work with, keep in mind this list of reasonable expectations. Doing so will help you ask the right questions and ultimately empower you to determine the companies prepared to meet their professional obligations from those less concerned with quality performance. When it comes to pool design and con- struction, meeting expectations will result in achieving the most important of all project objectives—your satisfaction. of experience, we have learned that far too many builders were in the habit of install- ing undersized plumbing as a cost-saving measure and oversized pumps as a way to errantly upsell unwitting homeowners. That unfortunate status quo has resulted in systems that waste energy, prematurely wear out pumps and motors, and can even pose safety hazards. That is why we promote specific standards covering the gamut of hydraulic features, including the sizing and type of plumbing, surge capacity, water-in-transit (overflow) details, automatic fill systems, overflow and backwash lines, equipment sizing and Professional construction and design firms will keep you informed of all schedules as well as changes or problems in the process. photograph by Scott Sandler F E A T U R E S L u x u r y P o o l s

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