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Luxury Pools Fall / Winter 2015

Luxury Pools is for affluent homeowners ready to build the outdoor space that is limitless only to their imagination. Custom pool construction and design, spa, swim spa, outdoor kitchens grills, landscape lighting, and luxury outdoor lifestyle.

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28 F A L L / W I N T E R 2 0 1 5 LUXURYPOOLS.COM F E A T U R E S Luxury Pools The need for a master plan is critical, echoes David Peterson, president and CEO of Watershape Consulting, Inc., in Solana Beach, California, even if the entire project won't be completed all at once. "I always describe the master plan. Even if someone couldn't build it all today, what would they want the final project to look like?" he says. "When there's an integrat- ed team, all the details come together." CONSIDER YOUR LOCATION The question of setting is an important one—from where on the map your home is located to its design aesthetic. "People are starting to realize more and more that the outdoor project needs to be integrated with the house," says Ander- son. For instance, a free-form, tropical- looking pool and outdoor living space would look out of place accompanying a very traditional brick home. "I've seen that story over and over, where it's just the wrong idea for that particular house or yard style," Peterson agrees. Just as homes have distinct styles— from French country to Tuscan to tropical to formal—so do outdoor living spaces. Different plants can help recreate those looks, even halfway around the world, and distinct landscaping elements—such as fountains, stonework, and green spaces— can also echo the home's style aesthetic, Anderson says. In addition, designing with the natural landscape in mind can create stunning results. For instance, when working with clients whose home overlooked a dramatic wetland with Cyprus trees and a heavily wooded nature preserve, Hughes created an infinity pool on a steep hill. The pool meandered away from the house toward the preserve, creating the illusion of the pool water disappearing into it. "The trees then reflect back onto the wa- ter," he says. "It looks like the water and the surrounding landscape all become one." Anderson also likes to ask, "What are can also add to the drama of the space. As with the pool shape, the landscaping trend is also toward a softer, more fluid look that blends the pool into the overall outdoor space. "For instance, too much decking is going to look like a sea of con- crete," says Anderson. "When you have a ton of decking you do have to break it up, and that's done with landscaping." In fact, he suggests that homeowners not put decking all the way around the pool. "Your pool does not have to be acces- sible all the way around," he says, espe- cially since people tend to go in and out of the pool in one spot anyhow. Bring that landscaping all the way up to the pool." Hughes also suggests clever touches to blur the lines between the landscape and the pool, like planters that are half in and half out of the pool, with trees such as palms adding natural shade and ambi- the views?" and designs to accommodate— or hide—them. One of his clients had a home overlooking Galveston Bay, but long piers visible off to the side sullied the view. Adding vertical elements, like palm trees, to the right and left of the main bay view directed the eye away from those piers and out to the water. "It kind of creates a visual stopping point," Anderson says. THINK BEYOND THE RECTANGLE When striving to perfectly blend together pool and landscape design, location and style aren't the only considerations; designers also think beyond the rote, old- standard of rectangle-shaped pools sur- rounded by an expanse of decking. Pools might meander across the outdoor space, flowing from a shallow zero-entry pool for lounging toward a secluded grotto, and elsewhere, a plunge pool. Different tiers Consider the setting of your pool during the design process. photograph courtesy of Ryan Hughes Design

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