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Luxury Pools Spring/Summer 2018

Luxury Pools is for affluent homeowners ready to build the outdoor space that is limitless only to their imagination. Custom pool construction and design, spa, swim spa, outdoor kitchens grills, landscape lighting, and luxury outdoor lifestyle.

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3 6 S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 LUXURYPOOLS.COM F E A T U R E S says Martinez, who believes curves make a pool feel "friendly." A bench runs the entire perimeter of the pool so occupants can move with the sun (or find shade), and a palapa on the backside covers the dining and living areas. Sited by the vanishing edge, the spa takes advantage of magnificent sunset views. Cobalt blue mosaic tile matches the colors of the Caribbean Sea. An artificial stone retaining wall planted with tropical plants prevents soil erosion on the steep grade, contributes color and regional identity, and acts as a barrier to mitigate the sounds of social time in the pool. In addition to their friendly feel, Martinez appreciates nonlinear pools' versatility. "I think a free-form pool is easier to integrate with a house; it is more flexible and a little more informal," he says. "Also, you can have nature closer to you without interrupting the design. When you go with straight lines, you need to separate the landscape from the pool a bit more to maintain the formal look." Ed Gibbs of Ontario-based Gib-San Pools notes the last decade's emphasis on rectilinear pools in North America and finds the move toward free-form refreshing. "The rectilinear shape doesn't always work—topography and site elevation as well as architectural style of home might call for a less rigid shape," he says. This project, located in Toronto, is one such case. With it, Gibbs blended together linear and nonlinear forms and styles—an approach to design that he believes is gaining favor. The house is elevated, and Gibbs addressed the grade change by terracing the landscape. As it also backs up to a golf course, he kept the plantings simple so as not to interrupt the manicured look of the course. "We wanted to have that country feel," he notes. In keeping with the trend toward clean colors, Gibbs went with white tile and a white Pebble Tec interior finish. "Those choices brought a [crisp] look to the yard even with the pool's curvatures," he says, noting how the curves of both the pool and the fountain harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the decision to use horizontal rather than vertical boards for the privacy fencing helped add atypical structure to the surrounding organic forms. Color, together with square-cut stone decking and a rectilinear fire pit, visually tie the pool and outdoor living area to the modern-style house. "The idea was to be as simplistic as possible with the design," explains Gibbs, adding that the pool is not meant to look like a pond, a common treatment for natural settings. He incorporated a large sun ledge—another trending design element. "People are demanding that level of resort living in their backyards," Gibbs observes. "Pools have become an extension of their home, and the pool itself serves multiple functions." No matter their shape, he continues, pools are about health and wellness. They are for unplugging and making memories. photograph by Jeff McNeill Gib-San Pools blends linear and nonlinear forms for this poolscape in Toronto.

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